Bendy and the Ink Machine Movie

Official News: There will be a movie about Bendy and the Ink Machine. The movie Bendy and the Ink Machine is going to screens. A picture was posted on

Bendy and The Ink Machine : Movie

Bendy and the Ink Machine is a first-person survival horror video game with episodes. It was made and released by Kindly Beast[a] under the name of the game's animation company, Joey Drew Studios Inc. It came out on Game Jolt on February 10, 2017, as the first of five episodes. On October 27, 2018, it came out everywhere else. The game was also launched on November 20, 2018, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch by Rooster Teeth Games. On December 21, 2018, it came out for iOS and Android.

Official News: There will be a movie about Bendy and the Ink Machine. The movie Bendy and the Ink Machine is going to screens. A picture was posted on the official X account for the Bendy and the Ink Machine horror video game series to let people know that a movie based on the games is in the works.

Director: Sy Cody White

Cast: Patrick Hamilton

  • Chapter One: Moving Pictures
  • February 10, 2017
  • Chapter Two: The Old Song
  • April 18, 2017
  • Chapter Three: Rise and Fall
  • September 28, 2017
  • Chapter Four: Colossal Wonders
  • April 30, 2018
  • Chapter Five: The Last Reel
  • October 26, 2018
  • Chapter ?: Archives
  • October 26, 2018
  • Complete Edition (Steam)
  • October 27, 2018
  • Switch, Xbox One, PS4
  • November 20, 2018
  • iOS, Android
  • December 21, 2018

Bendy and The Ink Machine : Song

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Bendy and The Ink Machine movie : Sypnosis

Chapter 1: Changes to moving pictures

In 1963, Henry Stein, who helped to start Joey Drew Studios and used to work as an animator there, is called back by Joey Drew, who used to be his business partner and friend. When Henry walks into the studio, he sees that it has been left empty and is dirty with ink splotches all over the place. He also sees a mangled anthropomorphic figure that looks like one of the studio's characters, Boris the Wolf. Henry finds out that the messy ink was caused by Joey's creation of the Ink Machine after Henry had left. Joey planned to use the machine to make real-life versions of the studio's cartoon characters. As if it were a rite, Henry fixes and turns on the machine by gathering a Bendy doll, a wrench, a record, a book, an ink jar, and a gear. He then goes back to the machine but is attacked by a demon that looks like Bendy the Dancing Demon, the studio's mascot. He tries to get away, but as he gets to the door, the floor gives way, and he falls into the lower levels of the studio. As Henry walks on to find a way out, he uses up all the ink and comes across a room with coffins and a pentagram on the floor. He steps on the pentagram, which makes him see pictures of Bendy before passing out.

The Old Song (Chapter 2)

Henry wakes up and tries to find a way out. He finally gets to the music department and finds a way out at the bottom of some steps. However, the stairs are flooded and the door is blocked. After fighting creatures made of ink called Searchers, Henry finds the office of music director Sammy Lawrence. He finds a pump switch inside that could drain the ink at the stairs, but there is a huge ink leak in his office that makes it impossible to work. There are two valves that Henry finds that lower the pressure of the ink. One of them is held by a Searcher in a hat that he has to beat. To get to the second valve, he has to learn how to play Sammy's favorite song at one point. He stops the leak and then dumps the ink at the stairs. But as he gets close to the stairs, Sammy, who has changed into an ink-humanoid with a Bendy mask, knocks him out. When Henry wakes up, Sammy tells him that he is going to kill Henry and give the body to Bendy, who he worships as a god, so that he can be free of the ink. But just as Sammy starts the rite, Bendy attacks him and probably kills him. Henry gets away from Bendy and locks the door to a storage room behind him as he runs. When he goes into the room, he finds Boris the Wolf whole and well.

Chapter 3: "Rise and Fall"

He finds himself in a small bunker when he wakes up. Henry looks around the safe place and then finds Boris. Henry becomes friends with Boris. Boris makes Henry soup and then gives Henry a tool that he needs to open the exit. They leave Boris's safe house to get out of the studio in some other way. In a dark area, they use a lamp to find their way to the studio's Toy Department. In a back room, they find goods for Alice Angel, the studio's main female character. When Henry and Boris are short apart, Boris gives Henry a Gent pipe to use as a weapon. Then Henry meets an ink form of Alice Angel. She knocks him out for a short time and then calls him to her lair. Henry has to decide before he goes in whether to take the Demon path or the Angel path. Once he does, the other path will close. Inside, Henry and Boris find many disfigured copies of Boris and other ink monsters that work together as the "Butcher Gang." Alice has been collecting these monsters to make herself look better. Alice is torturing one of the monsters when Henry meets her. She gives Henry tasks to do in return for letting him leave the studio. By doing this, he gets things like gears, power cells, hearts, and globs of ink from the Swollen Searchers. He is also told to destroy Bendy cutouts and keep enemies out of Alice's lair while being chased by Bendy, the Searchers, the Butcher Gang, and the Projectionist, who looks like Norman Polk from the studio's movies but is made of ink. Alice also gives Henry some tools to help him, like a wrench, a needle, an axe, a plunger, and a Tommy gun (which you can only get by doing certain things). As this goes on, it becomes clear that Alice is really Susie Campbell, who did the voice acting for the cartoon in the beginning. Alice who became so much in love with Alice that she thought she was her character and became angry when she was replaced by Allison Pendle. After being changed by the ink, she now looks like Alice. Once she has what she wants, she sends Henry to the elevator so that he can leave, but when she finds Boris, she makes the lift fall because he is the best Boris. Henry is knocked out when the elevator crashes. Alice grabs Boris and runs away while he tries to wake up Henry.

Chapter 4: Huge and Amazing Wonders

When Henry wakes up from passing out and Boris being taken, he gets out of the broken lift and searches the studio's huge records to find and save Boris. Henry walks into a bar full of "Lost Ones," people who have been infected by the ink but don't seem hostile. Alice is making fun of him over the loudspeakers about Boris' capture. With the help of famous amusement park designer Bertrum Piedmont, Joey planned to open Bendy Land, an amusement park with a Bendy theme. Henry finds out about this after running away through the vents. He figures out that the scary house ride is the best option and walks through the storage area to find the switches that will turn on the ride. He turns on all four power switches while sneaking past the Butcher Gang by throwing empty cans, beating Bertrum, who has become corrupted by the ink and turned into an octopus ride, and getting away from the Projectionist, who Bendy cuts off his head and takes his body away. Henry is shocked to find that Alice has turned Boris into a scary monster once they get on the spooky house ride. Henry has to kill Boris because he can't be brought back to normal. Boris then goes away. An angry Alice tries to attack and kill Henry, but she is stopped from behind by a fully human version of Alice Angel and a copy of Boris with robot hands.

Chapter 5: The Last Reel change

They put Henry in a homemade jail because they don't know if they can trust him. The new Alice and Boris are named Allison Angel (Allison Pendle) and Tom (Thomas Connor, the lead engineer of the Ink Machine). Allison trusts Henry enough to give him a Seeing Tool, which can read secret messages. Henry reads a message that says Allison will leave him for dead, which turns out to be true.

Later, Bendy finds out where Allison and Tom are. Tom, who still doesn't trust Henry, talks Allison into leaving Henry behind so they can escape, even though they know they won't be able to get Henry out before Bendy gets there. It's up to Henry to get out of jail on his own. The hidden messages help him find a secret room with a gun behind the wall. Henry sees Allison and Tom getting away on a boat through a river of ink after he gets away. He follows them on a second boat, and a huge Bendy hand is right behind him. Henry finds himself in a makeshift town that the Searchers and the Lost Ones built. There, he meets Sammy, who is hurt and crazy about thinking Henry is Bendy. He wants to get back at Henry for almost killing him. Henry beats up Sammy and tries to kill him, but Tom stops him. Tom then trusts Henry and gives him an axe. After Sammy leaves the area, the Searchers and Lost Ones that he was keeping away get angry and begin to attack. Henry, Allison, and Tom beat the wave of monsters by working together. Henry leads the way along the path, but he trips and falls into the lower level administration buildings. Henry tries to get away by going through the film vault, but the door is flooded. While hiding from the Butcher Gang, he works to connect the pipes so that the ink can drain.

When you get to the film vault, you see a sign that says Bendy stole a film reel. Allison and Tom show up and help Henry in his search for Bendy. They find that Bendy's lab is a very big version of the Ink Machine. The entry is blocked by ink, which could reabsorb and kill Allison and Tom. Henry has to go in by himself. Inside, Henry finds a message from Joey. In it, Joey talks about how he fell and how Henry can fix things by showing Bendy the stolen reel called "The End." It turns out that the Ink Machine was used to make real-life mascots for Bendy Land using a mix of occult magic and technological alchemy. However, Bendy was left in the studio's depths because, unlike the other creations, which are made from the souls of the staff, he was made from scratch and has no soul. He was locked away in a prison-like throne room full of cartoons while people tried in vain to imprint the desired traits onto him. When Bendy gets there, he changes into Beast Bendy, a huge monster that knocks Henry out of the room and runs after him. After Henry gets away from Bendy, he goes back to his chair to play "The End" reel. This plays the words "The End" over and over again, ending Bendy's story.

Following this, Henry is taken to Joey's house, where Joey talks about how they went in different directions and how Joey's road caught fire because of his drive. He calls Henry to the studio, and the beginning of the game plays out again. This shows that Henry is stuck in the Cycle, a time loop.

A scene after the credits shows a picture of Henry with Bendy, Boris, and Alice Angel that he has signed. A young girl, who seems to be Joey's sister, asks her "Uncle Joey" to tell her another story off-screen.

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