Ramanaa 2002 Indian-Tamil Movie

Ramanna movie story Ramana is a professor who is in charge of a secret group that cleans up society. They take fifteen of the most dishonest workers f

Ramanaa 2002 Indian-Tamil Movie

The 2002 Indian Tamil-language action thriller Ramanaa was written and directed by A. R. Murugadoss. It stars Vijayakanth, Simran (in a cameo), and Ashima Bhalla in the main parts. The movie is about a man named Ramana who wants to get rid of all corruption with the help of his former students who now work in different government places. The movie came out on November 4, 2002. It was a huge hit after getting good reviews from experts. The Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Film was given to it in 2002, and the award for Best Dialogue Writer went to A. R. Murugadoss. The movie was dubbed into Hindi and came out in 2015 as Mar Mitenge 3.

Ramana is a professor who is in charge of a secret group that cleans up society. They take fifteen of the most dishonest workers from each government area hostage and kill the worst one.

Ramanaa 2002 Full Movie

Ramanaa 2002 Movie : Plot and Story

The story of Ramanaa starts with the kidnapping of 15 Tahsildars in different parts of Tamil Nadu. Fourteen police officers are freed after three days of being held captive, but the body of one is found in Trichy. The police find a tape recording and a file on the body of the dead cop that give them important information about the kidnapping and murder. According to the files, the crimes were likely done by members of the self-proclaimed "Anti-Corruption Force" (ACF), a citizen group that wants to get rid of corruption by doing good deeds. The group says they are going to capture and kill the 15 most corrupt officials in each department if they are not spared.

The story then moves to Dr. M. Ramanaa's home, where he lives with four adopted children and is a mild-mannered professor at Government College in Chennai. While Ramanaa is taking care of his adopted child at a large private hospital, he learns that the staff there is extortioning and cheating patients. When he's done with his kids, he goes to the government hospital, gets a poor man who just died, and then tricks the private hospital into treating a dead person. The hospital staff falls for the trick and tries to get a lot of money by giving the body. Ramanaa pays all the fees and gets all the papers. He tells the trick when the doctors tell him that the patient is dead. Rishi, who is the owner to the hospital, tries to negotiate with him but has to pay Ramanaa two million rupees in the end. After giving the hospital the money he owed, Ramanaa gives the rest of the huge amount to the poor man's family. He also gives copies of the reports to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who will be the next President of India. The hospital and schools are closed because the government wants them to be.

Rishi ends his own life just before he is caught. His sad father, Bhadrinarayanan, a big and powerful building magnate, comes back from Mumbai and swears to get revenge on the person who killed his son. Every month for four months, the ACF takes the top 15 most dishonest officials hostage and then kills the top official. These people work in areas like transportation, people with disabilities, income, sports, health, and more. A college girl named Devaki who is friends with Ramana's kids finds out all of a sudden that he is the boss of the ACF. She asks him about this wrong thing he's doing.

Seven years ago, Ramana was a college professor. He had a cute little family with his daughter, his wife Chithra, who was nine months pregnant, and himself. During the Deepavali event, Ramanaa's flat building falls down because of nearby heavy construction work, killing many people, including Chitra and his daughter. As he gets over what happened, he wants to know who caused the building to fall down. He learns that Bhadrinarayanan built and owns the building. He built the complex on loose dirt on purpose. When Ramanaa shows proof to the District Council, Bhadrinarayanan walks in and brags about how much money he has paid to top district officials, like the collector. He tells Ramanaa that he can jail him by calling any two high-ranking officers in the state, but both of them hang up right away. When Ramanaa gets angry, he locks the room and attacks all the officers. Just as he is about to kill Bhadrinarayanan, his men beat him badly and throw him onto a highway. Then, National college students who were on a trip come to his aid. Ramanaa sets up the Anti-Corruption Force (ACF) in reaction to Bhadrinarayanan's actions and the general corruption in the area.

At the same time, a local police officer who is angry that he wasn't promoted because he couldn't pay off the right people starts working on a case against the ACF in secret. The police officer finally figures out that the ACF is mostly made up of honest people who don't take bribes. He goes to several tax offices, but because he is a low-level employee, his bosses don't pay attention to him. Then there's a message that says civil supply officers are going to be taken. All corrupt officials try to get police security by showing how corrupt they are, but at the last second, the ACF changes its mind and goes with the Police department. All corrupt civil supply officers are being caught right away, and the government says it will hire 25,000 young people within a week. 15 superintendents of police in different districts have been taken hostage. The police officer is dead, and everyone is angry. An IPS officer from Punjab is brought in from Delhi to take charge of the case.

At the same time, Bhadrinarayanan is trying to corrupt the government leaders he meets again. The top 15 dons are taken hostage as the last blow. Ramanaa goes to see Bhadrinarayanan in person. As was done to him, he gives Bhadri the same way to stay alive: he can call any two Indian people. Now, Bhadrinarayanan fails, and he is captured and killed. Then, the policeman tells his bosses about his plan, which makes the IPS officer very happy.

The police officer acts quickly to punish them. The police arrest and torture the ACF members, but they refuse to say who Ramanaa is. Because of the sacrifices his students made, Ramanaa feels terrible shame and gives up, but only if all the other ACF members are freed. They put him on trial and found him guilty of planning and carrying out the killings of Bhadrinarayanan and five other government officials. He doesn't deny the charges, so he is quickly put to death. He agrees with the sentence and doesn't want to go to a higher court to fight it.

Because Ramanaa's family and friends are so supportive, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu goes to see him in jail and forgives him. But Ramanaa refuses, saying that he is the only one who can face the full effects of his deeds. He asks for a sneaky visit to meet his kids. He wakes them up while they're sleeping and says goodbye with tears in his eyes. A lot of students come to the city, which makes things more tense. To keep the people in line, the government asks Ramanaa to give a speech. The next day, Ramanaa makes a public plea to stay away from cheating at all costs. He is hanged a few minutes later. The constable is offered a raise for his part in breaking up the ACF, but he turns it down out of guilt.

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